Investment Management

Tactical Investment Management:

Should your investment manager reposition your portfolio for what is coming? Yes! This is why I utilize a tactical approach to investment management


Diversification is the 8th wonder of the world. My Investment strategies utilize very diversified ETFs which are also the lowest-cost available.

No trading fees/commissions:

There are no trading fees or trading commissions at Summit Investments

Investment Philosophy:

Most are familiar with the concept of the business cycle, basically a fluctuation of economic growth and contraction over time. However, most are not familiar with the differing returns of asset classes based on the stage of the business cycle. These differing returns based on business cycle trends are the main reason I use a tactical strategy when managing investment strategies. The goal of tactical investment management is to increase long-term returns and lower risk.

I have created a long-term, strategic weighting for portfolios with the goal of maximizing return for a given level of risk. Using this strategic weight as a starting point for portfolios, I then shift portfolios to overweight asset classes that I believe will produce better returns with similar, or lower, volatility.

Business Cycle

Investment Strategy Holdings

Unlike some advisors who outsource investment management and pass the costs on to their clients, my past experience as an institutional investment manager gives me the ability to create investment strategies for my clients that are the lowest cost possible. Also important, I do not take any commissions. Some advisors will put clients in an investment because it pays them the highest commission - that is not possible at Summit Investments and Financial Planning.

We offer clients a low-cost, tax efficient, index ETF strategy and/or a portfolio that uses active managers that we select by scanning the entire universe of active managers to find the best manager for a given asset class.